About Nordfrim

NORDFRIM A/S is an international mail order company specialized in selling stamps, coins and accessories at favorable prices to collectors all over the world. Nordfrim is a member of IFSDA and ASCAT and our CEO Erling Daugaard is a member of the board of IFSDA.

At Nordfrim we aim to provide collectors with interesting and exciting products at reasonable prices and to provide excellent customer service including a quick and accurate delivery. We are continuously monitoring our packaging and delivery systems to ensure we provide an experience that meets the expectations of all our customers – every time.

Nordfrim is part of the Nordfrim Group which has stamp related activities in more than 10 different countries. Our Group headquarters are situated in Otterup, Denmark, at the same location where the company was originally founded in 1965.

At Nordfrim we offer new issues from all over the world based on agreements with foreign postal administrations, e.g. China, England, Australia, Ireland, USA, Iceland, New Zealand, Hong Kong and France. We are appointed agent for more than 100 postal administrations worldwide and following the purchase of Philagroup in 2007 the Nordfrim Group is the largest actor worldwide within sale and marketing of new issues stamps. Our new issues department offers not only standard standing orders on new issues from more than 250 different countries, but also more than 90 different thematics and continuity programmes  which offers a new dimension to collecting stamps.

We also offer a broad range of other stamp products including classical stamps, stamp packages and kiloware in addition to stockbooks, albums and other accessories. Since 1976 Nordfrim has been agent for the leading accessories brand Leuchtturm GmbH. Since 2000 the Nordfrim Group has also included the leading Danish stamp catalogue publisher, AFA, continuously supplying especially the Scandinavian collectors with the best means to evaluate their collections. Visit our online web-site www.nordfrim.com and browse our full range of products and offers.