Departsments at Nordfrim

Retail Department
Our retail department supplies customers with stamps, stock books, printed album pages etc. by mail order. We take orders by phone, letter, e-mail or fax and we are very happy to assist by answering questions about our products. It is our aim to dispatch all orders received before 12am on the day they are coming in.

New Issues Department
We are happy to offer you a subscription for countries across the world, thematics etc. The New Issues Department will make sure that you will receive each and every stamp issue from your area and in accordance with your subscription type. The deliveries are sent along with a detailed invoice. This is a safe and secure way of always having an updated collection. We supply to collectors and stamp dealers.

Continuity Programmes
A Continuity Programme is the modern way to collect your preferred area. You will receive stamps and stamp related products with your preferred thematic along with the relevant album pages in order to make sure that your collection is always updated and presented in the best possible way.

We are happy to offer you Continuity Programmes e.g. with Faroe Islands, Greenland, Football Championships, World Money, Hungary yearsets, Euro-coins an many different motives. If you wish to open a subscription for some of these collections or if you have questions please contact the Continuity Programmes Department.

Approval Booklets
We also offer our customers to take out subscriptions for approval booklets from a specific country. We send you four or five approval booklets approximately each month and you take out the stamps you want to buy and then you return­ the booklets to us by registered post together with a list of the stamps kept. We also offer approval booklets 'World wide' with stamps (country/motives) at a price of app. 25cent each. Nordfrim has a stock of about 41.000 booklets containing more than 6 million stamps at a total value of more than EUR 7,555,00.

Customer Service
Our customer service is dealing with all inquiries concerning payments, account information etc.

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