For almost 50 years Nordfrim A/S has supplied stamps and stamp accessories for collectors primarily in Scandinavia and later in the rest of the world.The company focuses on mail order sales and has more than one million customers in its database.

Nordfrim is founded by Erling Daugaard, who is still owner and director of the company. The company is founded under the name Nordfyns Frimærkehandel, which is later changed to Nordfrim. Ever since the very beginning the company has been based on Funen in Denmark in Erling Daugaard’s childhood home, which during the years has been significantly upgraded to suit the growing needs of the company.

A Wholesale Unit is established to supply stamp dealers, bookstores and department stores with stamp packs, accessories and other products.

Nordfrim becomes exclusive agent in Denmark for the leading accessories brand Leuchtturm GmbH, which among other things is known for its high quality pre-printed album systems and stockbooks. Later the wholesale department adds important catalogue retailers such as Michel, Yvert & Tellier and mount manufacturer Hawid to the portfolio.
The agencies allow the wholesale division to expand significantly in subsequent years, and wholesale sales are still an important business.

Erling Daugaard signs agency agreements with the postal administrations in Gibraltar and the United Nations, who become the first agencies in a portfolio, which expands significantly in the subsequent years.

Nordfrim becomes agent of Royal Mail in Scandinavia. The agency is the first major step towards the new issues department that has since evolved to become the largest in the philatelic world.

Nordfrim strengthens its market position further with the acquisition of the news (subscription on countries and thematics) and mail order department (stamps and accessories) from the Swedish company Frimärkshuset. Within half a year of the acquisition Nordfrim’s department for agencies is doubled, as Nordfrim buys all the shares in the Swedish company.

After several years with primary focus on the Scandinavian countries Nordfrim takes a big step into the French market, which offers more than 60 million potential customers. Prior to entering the French market lies an expansive marked research to fully gauge out the potential of the new market.

Due to the significant expansion and as part of the company's long term strategy is an extensive renovation and refurbishment of the office facilities being done. The rebuilding begins in March 1995, and in early 1996 are the new premises ready to be used. The company now has 2630 m2 - more than twice as much as before.

Nordfrim takes another important step into the world. In early 1997 Champion Holding A / S is founded and buys Théodore Champion SA, a very reputable company founded in 1902, thus making a significant leap into the French market. With this acquisition the company has now 20 employees in Paris. With the acquisition Nordfrim also takes over the publishing of Bulletin Mensuel, which has been cataloguing all new issues of the world since 1902.

In spring 2000, the Norfrim Group takes over leading Danish stamp catalogue publisher, AFA. The previous owner has decided to stop publishing the catalogues, and therefore Nordfrim chooses to step in to ensure that Scandinavian collectors continuously can evaluate their collections from the catalogues AFA Denmark, AFA Scandinavia, AFA Eastern Europe and AFA Western Europe.
Publishing the catalogues also means that Nordfrim takes over the publication of the monthly supplement to the catalogues, Populær Filateli, which lists all the new issues of the European countries.

Théodore Champion celebrates its 100th anniversary with a grand celebration in Paris, which has been home of the company for the entire century.
At the same time it is decided that the company's store will return to the Rue Druout, the historic center of the stamp trade in Paris. The store opens its doors in 2004 in the same place as the company was established 100 years earlier.

The group is extended to the north as the Finnish company Lauri Peltonen OY is acquired. With the acquisition the group has now 5 employees in the Finnish town of Hanko. Lauri Peltonen was established in 1920 and focuses on new issues, classic stamps and the sale of accessories.

The position on the French market is further strengthened with the acquisition of Société des Philatélistes. A company that for 25 years has sold stamps by mail order to the French market and thus has a solid customer base and good turnover.

In 2005 the Hungarian company Philatelia Hungarica is acquired by the Nordfrim Group. Philatelia Hungarica was founded in 1950 by the Hungarian Postal Administration to sell stamps in Hungary and abroad. In 1993 Philatelia Hungarica was converted into a private company with several of the former employees at the head. Besides having a large stock, Philatelia Hungarica now handles a multitude of tasks for postal administrations and other philatelic businesses including making up of stamps and other precision tasks. The company has 25 employees and 350 home workers

The Group increases its stock considerably with the acquisition of Filatelia International, which since 1976 has had a good collaboration with several postal administrations including the Cuban Post regarding the design and printing of stamps. The company's stock of just over two billion stamps is taken over by the Nordfrim Group.

This year the Nordfrim Group also buys the Kopilanski stock (now Champion Philatélie Swiss) in the Punto Franco that in particular contains many interesting issues from Latin American countries.

The most important expansion in Nordfrim Group's recent history takes place this year with the acquisition of Philagroup. The company was established in 1970 with the aim of providing the Italian stamp collectors with new issues. The company grew rapidly and had at the time of takeover branches in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland as well as contracts with some 70 postal administrations worldwide, of which approximately 20 percent are completely new areas to the Nordfrim Group.
With the acquisition of Philagroup the Nordfrim Group beomes world leader in delivering new stamp issues to collectors.

Nordfrim Group expands its position in the market for new issues further with the acquisition of the old, renowned German company, Georg Roll. Along with Philagentur Georg Roll dominated the market for new stamp issues. After the acquisition, Georg Roll is placed under Philagentur in Germany.
The same year is the Nordfrim Group taking an important step into the very interesting Dutch market with the creation of the company Collect Wereld.

A year after the establishing Collect Wereld, the Dutch part of the Nordfrim Group enters into a significant agreement with the Dutch postal administration. This makes Collect Wereld responsible for providing older Dutch stamps directly to the approximately 160.000 customers that the Dutch postal administration has.

2012 →
With its solid and stable market position in Europe, the Nordfrim Group is now looking to broaden its horizons further and is continuously working on expanding to new markets and continents.

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