New auction now online

New auction of selected lots - All at very low starting bid! Please note that many lots are only illustrated with a small part of the total content.

Our online auction allow you to buy attractive items at the price you want to pay. An auction on our website is basically the same as any other auction, except for three things

  • No auction fees are added on any of our actions
  • Our online auctions have a longer time frame than traditional auctions (e.g. 2 or 3 weeks)
  • Our full satisfaction or money back guarantee also applies for all items sold in our auctions

Note! You must be logged in to bid on our auctions. If you do not already have a log-in, you can create a new user at the top of the page under "Log in", followed by "Create New User".

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Why does the bid history sometimes show more than one winner?

For some auctions, we auction more than one item at a time, which means that more than one customer can win the auction for the same item. The bid history shows how many customers have the highest bid (highlighted with a green background) and in that sense how many items are auctioned. This also means that auction winners can buy the same item at different prices, because the level of bids is determined per article. Please note that the timing of your bid is important for the price of the item. The quicker you place your bid the better the chance of you receiving the cheapest item. It is only possible place one bid pr. article no.

Can I cancel my bid?

All bids placed are binding and therefore it is not possible to cancel your bid as long as the auction is active. If you would like to cancel your bid, please contact us asap and we will do our best, so the item is not sent to you. We offer a two week money back guarantee on all items in our action.

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