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Book 'By Mörck' - By Jon Nordstrøm

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Language: English. The book revolves around Martin Mörck's work with steel engravings for stamps and bank notes. The reader will be met with images and text from the sources that have inspired his work, from the actual production of stamps and from some of the processes where Martin Mörck has collaborated with other artists - such as Bjørn Nørgaard, Olafur Eliasson, Finn Nygård and Claus Carstensen. The book shows examples of how meticulously Martin Mörck works and how crafted, overwhelming and fascinating the steel engraving process is. Everything is done by hand with special tools made from Swiss steel, Martin's rock-steady hand scratching designs onto steel under the magnifier - the art is rooted in the Late Middle Ages almost 1000 years ago. Martin Mörck has been working as an engraver, illustrator and artist since 1978, with stamps and bank notes making up the main body of his work. Several of the more than 830 Mörck stamps in existence today have been printed in more than 50 million copies each, making Martin one of the most widely published artists in the world. The whole world is Martin Mörck's playground. He was born and raised in Sweden to a Swedish textile artist mother and a Norwegian graphic artist father. Today, he lives on a small island off the Gothenburg Archipelago. 264 pages

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