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Now you have the chance to collect Greenland complete, a very interesting collection area

It may seem hard to believe, but it is still possible to obtain a complete collection of stamps from Greenland from 1938* - and at a very reasonable price.

So start now to make sure that your collection will be complete – a great treasure also for your children and grandchildren. Subscribe today!

You will receive the stamps along with the matching pre-printed album pages with mounts in appropriate shipments. Furthermore we ensure that your collection is complete with the relevant album pages from Leuchtturm for as long as you may wish.

In the first shipment you will receive:
52 mint stamps and two miniature sheets. Among them are Greenland nr. 1 10 kr and 25 kr high values as well as two very rare miniature sheets. Catalogue value: € 102. Face value: 110 DKK. You only pay € 18.

To create the perfect setting for your collection you will also receive six pre-printed Leuchtturm album pages with mounts that match the stamps and miniature sheets. The album pages retails at € 12. You only pay € 8.

Total price: € 26.

In the second shipment you can look forward to not only stamps and matching album pages, but also a luxury album in the well-known Leuchtturm quality in green leatherette with Greenland in gold print on the spine.

All prices are exclusive shipping. You have 14 days right of return and collect only for as long, as you wish to.

Shipping costs per shipment: 3,50 € / 3,72 $ / 3,00 £

Subscriptions - Greenland

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