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Special Stamp issues

Fantastic collection of the world’s most special and innovative stamp issues – start now.

We select some of the most spectacular stamp issues and send them to you along with special album pages. The average price for each delivery will be approx. € 35 – 44 and you will receive a new delivery approximately every second month.

In the first delivery you will receive: Austria – Leather trousers  – The first souvenir sheet in real leather and with genuine Swarovski crystals, France – Strawberries  – Souvenir sheet smelling nicely of strawberries, Faroe Islands – Fish skin – The first stamps ever with real tanned cod fish skin from the Faroe Islands, Norfolk Island – Perfume – Souvenir sheet with a nice smell of perfume and 3 special album pages and a cover page with mounts for the stamps in the well-known Lighthouse quality.

Price € 37.00 plus postage. Regular price € 50.00

We will contact you regarding payment.

And many more interesting stamps will follow…

You will receive a new delivery approximately every second month with interesting and special stamp issues. In the 3rd delivery you will receive a nice blue album with slipcase for a perfect presentation of your collection. Your price for the album and the slipcase is € 15 The regular price is € 37.00.

Please note: You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Subscriptions - Special stamps collection

  • No. SPEC / 500
  • No. SPEC / 900
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