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Coin sets from the Soviet Union and the Post-Soviet states

Historical collection !

Now, you have the chance to build up a very interesting and special historic collection of coins/bank notes from the Soviet Union and the new independent states, the Post-Soviet states. The collection also includes the rare coin set from Azerbaijan.

When you confirm this standing order, you will receive a coin set from the Soviet Union and a coin set or a bank note from the new states. The coin sets are supplied in transparent coin cards, so that both sides are visible. On the card you also find information about the state, its geographical position, surface, population etc. The bank note is supplied with a card with the same information as well as an illustration of the bank note.

1st delivery : Lenin jubilee coin set – introduction price 7,50 EUR

3rd delivery: You will receive a coin set at a price of 15 EUR only. you will also receive a maroon album in synthetic leather and with golden imprint on the front and on the spine, also including mounts. The price is only 11,50 Euro.
Total price for the 3rd delivery is 26,50 EUR + postage.

Other deliveries: One coin set or one bank note per delivery. Price 15 EUR per delivery + postage.

All prices are excluding freight.

You will receive approximately one delivery per month until you have the complete collection.

Send us your order now.

Our guarantee is always valid: Satisfied or reimbursed if you return the delivery within 2 weeks after receipt. You can cancel your standing order at any time.

If you wish to receive the total collection in one delivery: Please see “Coin sets from the Soviet Union – One total delivery”

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