Stamps from Albania

Population: 2.986.952 - Capital: Tirana - Currency: Lek - 1st issue: 1913

Albania is situated on the west coast of Balkan towards the Adriatic sea and during several centuries it was under Turkish domination as part of the Ottoman Empire until the country declared its independency in 1912. This, however, only lasted until 1939, where Italy invaded Albania, which later became an independent republic again in 1948.

Stamps from Albania
The first stamps were issued in 1913 and were Turkish stamps with a manual overprint. Thereafter stamps were issued with the inscription “Shquiperise”, which is the official name of the country. Albania issues a very variable number of stamps and miniature sheets per year. It can vary from 10 to 50.

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Subscriptions - Albania

  • No. 39 / 1
    Single, mint
  • No. 39 / 8
    Single, used
  • No. 39 / 23
    Leuchtturm SF