Stamps from Belgium

Population: 10.423.493 - Capital: Brussels - Currency: Euro - 1st issue: 1849

The bilingual Kingdom
Belgium is a Kingdom situated in the north western part of Europe with frontiers to Holland, Germany and France.

Stamps from Belgium
The country has been independent since 1830, but the postal history of Belgium goes all the way back to the sixteenth Century. However, the first stamps were not issued until 1849. The theme was King Leopold I in military uniform and the series have later become known as the “Epaulettes-series”.
Belgium is bilingual, which is also clearly shown on the stamps, where the text is both in French and in Flemish. Many stamp issues reflect the rich cultural history of Belgium. Once the country was the center for the European art with artists like Rubens, the Brueghel family, Jakob Jordaens and Van Dyck being in the center. But also on the culinary front, the country has become known for its production of chocolate and beer. About 15 series are issued per year, which in average is 45 stamps. Recurring themes are Christmas stamps, the Europa/CEPT issue as well as issues, which focus on collecting stamps.

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