Stamps from Cyprus

Population: 1.102.677 - Capital: Nicosia - Currency: Cypriot Pounds - 1st issue: 1881

The Mediterranean island Cyprus was under the administration of Great Britain from 1878 to 1960, where the island obtained independence after a number of years with resistance towards the British rule. This, however, did not mean peace and quiet on the island, as in 1974 Cyprus was invaded by Turkey, who occupied the northern part of the island and the island is still separated in two: A southern Greek-speaking part and a northern Turkish controlled part. The initial British rule also influenced the stamps. From 1881 the British stamps were overprinted with Cyprus, but later the same year, stamps were issued with the inscription Cyprus and with a portrait of Queen Victoria. Today all stamps from Cyprus have both English, Turkish and Greek text.

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Subscriptions - Cyprus, Greek

  • No. 48 / 1
    Single, mint
  • No. 48 / 8
    Single, used
  • No. 48 / 12
    FDC with single stamp
  • No. 48 / 14
    Year packs
  • No. 48 / 23
    Leuchtturm SF
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