Stamps from Gibraltar

Population: 28.877 - Biggest town: London/Gibraltar - Currency: Pound - 1st issue: 1886

A bone of contention
Gibraltar can rightly be said to be a small area with a great importance. With its strategic location on the south tip of Spain by the entrance to the Mediterranean, it has always been a very disputed territory. In 1711 the Moorish chieftain Tariq captured the 425 m high rock and built a fortress there, which he named after himself: Djebel Al Tariq (The Tariq rock), which since then has become Gibraltar. Over the years Gibraltar has in turn been invaded by Spaniards, Arabs and Englishmen, until Gibraltar became an English colony in 1713. Today the military importance is of reduced importance and instead completely other things are of importance. The area is primarily an attractive tourist destination and an interesting area for foreign consortia. This also influences the stamps.
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