Stamps from Guernsey

Population: 64.775 - Biggest town: Saint Peter Port - Currency: Pound - 1st issue: 1969

A paradise for tourists
Guernsey is one of the small islands in the English Channel, which has developed into an attractive collection area. The island, or more correctly, the group of islands, including for example Alderney, has since William the Conqueror belonged to the English Crown, but over the years, Guernsey has obtained greater independence. In 1969 Guernsey became an independent postal area, issuing their own stamps. So one of the more recent collection areas, which can still be collected complete. This collection area also includes stamps from Alderney, which since 1983 also have issued a series of stamps themselves every year. As collection area, Guernsey offers very beautiful stamps and also nice increase in value. Guernsey is a holiday paradise, where the warm Gulf stream ensures a pleasant climate. The lovely surroundings are also reflected on the stamps, which are often based on the beautiful flora and fauns on the island.

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Subscriptions - Guernsey

  • No. 06G / 1
    Single, mint
  • No. 06G / 8
    Single, used
  • No. 06G / 12
    FDC with single stamp
  • No. 06G / 14
    Year packs
  • No. 06G / 23
    Leuchtturm SF