Stamps from Ireland

Population: 4.622.917 - Capital: Dublin - Currency: Irish Pounds - 1st issue: 1922

The green island
Ireland is often called the green island and it really is green, not least thanks to the wide areas with lakes and marshes with a rich plant life. Ireland offers many different kinds of experiences, also when collecting stamps. For some years the Irish post has amongst others issued the special Love Stamps, which are stamps with a message to remember one’s loved ones and to remember to send a greeting. An issue, which one always look forward to. Fauna and flora are some other popular  topics. Lovely stamps with flowers, animals and birds, which are beautiful and lifelike. In general Ireland is a fascinating and interesting country, offering everything from a vibrant city life to small villages with interesting history and culture.

Stamps from Ireland
As collector of Irish stamps you’ll experience a country, which is very outgoing and with a lot of relations to other countries in the world, such as Australia. Many Irish people have emigrated to Australia and this connection with the other side of the earth also reflect on the stamps. Here we often meet famous people of both Irish and foreign origin. For an island the relation with other countries is of great importance and therefore the important transport connections with ship and plane are often themes, which you find on the Irish stamps. There is a lot to experience and to get acquainted with when collecting Irish stamps. An interesting collection area, which at the same time is affordable.

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