Stamps from Isle of Man

Population: 83.859 - Biggest town: Douglas - Currency: Pound - 1st issue: 1973

The island with the tailless cats
Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish See with a surface area of just 546 m2. The island belongs under the English Crown, but has since 1973 had postal independency and thereby issued their own stamps. In the Viking Age the island was conquered by Nordic Vikings, who in many ways have influenced the island. A more contemporary character is the tailless cats, which the island has become known for and which, from time to time, occur on the stamps.

Stamps from Isle of Man
By collecting stamps from Isle of Man you get a very good impression of the island and its characteristics. A curiosity about Isle of Man is moreover that there is no national speed limit. There are local limits in towns, but once you have passed a “National Speed Limit” sign the coast is clear. However, reckless drivers will be stopped by the police.  The issued stamps are very interesting and the area can still be collected complete at an affordable price.

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