Stamps from Italy

Population: 58.090.681 - Capital: Rome - Currency: Euro - 1st issue: 1863

Through history Italy has been through a lot of changes. The country has often been split up in several smaller regions and states, so when the country became a united national unit again in 1860, this was the first time since the antiquity. This means that this Mediterranean state, with boarders to the Mediterranean and to the Adriatic, is one of the youngest nations in Europe. Since the 50s this former agriculture country has developed into the fifth largest western industrial power. A position, which is constantly threatened by the political instability in the country. Furthermore, there is a big difference from the northern region, which is a part of the well developed Europe to the southern part, which is still quite backward.

Stamps from Italy
The united Italy got  their first stamps in 1863 and today they issue about 15 series a year, where the themes to a certain extend refer to local events, people and the rich heritage of the country.

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