Stamps from Liechtenstein

Population: 35.002 - Capital: Vaduz - Currency: Swiss Francs - 1st issue: 1912

Liechtenstein is one of the world’s smallest countries with its just 160 km2. It is situated in between Austria and Switzerland in the upper Rhine valley. Due to its small size the country leans on the close neighbors in many ways, so the language is German – and Liechtenstein is thereby the only German speaking country, which does not have direct frontiers with Germany. The official currency is Swiss Francs, which is also the value on the country’s stamps, even though the national bank of Lichtenstein actually has the right to issue its own currency. And finally the Austrian railway company “Österreichische Bundesbahn” has the honor of running the almost 10 km of railway, running from Buchs to Feldkirch.
The nature is especially influenced by the Rhine, which at the same time forms the border with Switzerland and the mountain range Rätikon in the Alps along the southern and eastern border with Austria. There in between is the beautiful and changing nature of Liechtenstein with green meadows and towering mountains.

The nature with its  many facets is, not surprisingly, a  popular theme on the national stamps. It gives a good impression of both the country and  the animals and plants to be found in the country and generally nature and landscape are popular themes on the stamps from Liechtenstein.
The postal history of the country dates all the way back to the 16th Century and has developed fast ever since. This is not least due  to fact that the postal route from Milan to Lindau passed through Liechtenstein. Originally Austrian stamps were used, but in 1912 Lichtenstein got their own stamps, which have been in use since then. A small area with great interest.

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