Stamps from Spanish Andorra

Population: 84.525 Biggest town: 84.525 - Currency: Euro - 1st issue: 1928

The stamps from Spanish Andorra have existed since 1928, where the first Spanish post offices opened in the miniature state. The value of the stamps from Spanish Andorra are indicated in Euro and have the inscription “Correus”. Since 1979 the inscription has been “Principat d’Andorra”.
Andorra is situated in the Pyrenees at an altitude of 1000 meters,” sandwiched” between Spain and France and the country has the special property of having two heads of state,  i.e. both the bishop from the Spanish bishopric diocese Urgel and the French president, who is the successor of the county of Foix.

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Subscriptions - Andorra - Spanish

  • No. 07S / 1
    Single, mint
  • No. 07S / 8
    Single, used
  • No. 07S / 12
    FDC with single stamp
  • No. 07S / 23
    Leuchtturm SF