Stamps from United Nations Geneva

Currency: Dollar/ Swiss Francs/Euro - 1st issue: 1951

The only organization, which issues stamps
The UN stamps are unique. The UN is actually the only organization in the entire world, having the right to issue stamps. A privilege , which normally only countries and certain areas have. Today the UN has offices in three different places in the world: In New York, in Geneva and in Vienna. Stamps are issued from all three areas in each specific currency (Dollar, Swiss Franc and Euro). The themes of the issues are the same, but the subjects are usually different.
Most countries stamps illustrate historical events, flora and fauna, famous people, jubilees etc. The themes of the UN stamps are related to the organizations own activities and work spaces: Peace in the world, save the woods, Africa in crises, free the world for hunger just to mention some of the international subjects. Also the philately  - to collect stamps – has, as a world wide hobby, been enrolled in the UN stamps.
Also souvenir sheets are issued and the establishment of the UN is celebrated once every 5 years with a jubilee souvenir sheet. These souvenir sheets are very much in demand and are delivered as subscription of course. These are really nice gifts. Almost small pieces of art. Artists all over the world participate in the creation of the stamps from the UN, amongst these Danish artists. Our world famous  artist Bjørn Wiinblad, created a very pretty stamp, which was issued by the postal authority of the UN in January 1988. By collecting UN stamps you furthermore make a contribution to the important and necessary work, as the profit from the sale of stamps primarily goes to the relief work of the UN.

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Subscriptions - UN - Geneva

  • No. 52GE / 1
    Single, mint
  • No. 52GE / 8
    Single, used
  • No. 52GE / 12
    FDC with single stamp
  • No. 52GE / 14
    Year packs
  • No. 52GE / 23
    Leuchtturm SF