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The Kingdom in the middle
Population: 5.515.575 - Capital: Copenhagen - Currency: Danish kroner - 1st issue: 1851

Denmark has been a kingdom since approx. year 800 and there is still great respect for the monarchy, just like the members of the Royal family generally are popular figures in the society. In the Viking age and the Middle ages Denmark was the absolute Great Power in the North and Denmark  was also the first of the Nordic countries to issue stamps.

Stamps from Denmark
The first stamp was issued in 1851 and since then Denmark has been known as an attractive collection area. The versatile history and rich heritage is reflected on many of the stamps. Also more recent elements such as events, design and culture find its way to the stamps, which thereby gives an interesting  insight into Denmark.
Also the three definitive stamp series are very popular amongst collectors : The low values are with wavy line book print, the middle values with the portrait of the Queen and the highest values have the coat of arms.
The Danish stamps also stand out due to the fact that a great number of the issues are engraved stamps. In fact, Denmark is amongst the countries in the world, which issues the most engraved stamps and is thereby contributing to keeping the classical crafts a live.
Denmark is also a favorite holiday destination for tourists from home and abroad and is considered by many, as a little nation of fairy tales with historical memorials all over the country. Especially The Little Mermaid and the Tivoli in Copenhagen (the Capital) are often the central points.

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