Stamps from Faroe Islands

Population: 49.057 - Capital: Thorshavn - Currency: Danish kroner - 1st issue: 1975

Rugged nature
There are not many collection areas in the world, which can be collected complete, without having expensive consequences for the bank account, but Faroe Islands is one of them. The first stamp from this North Atlantic group of islands was issued in 1975. Up till then, Danish stamps were used since 1870.During times, where there were problems with the trading connections with Denmark, the Danish stamps were overprinted and split into two in order to satisfy the needs until new supplies could reach the island.
The history of the Faroe islands began in the 800-century, where the green islands were colonized by Vikings from Norway and in year 1380 the Faroe islands followed Norway into the Union with Denmark.

Stamps from Faroe Islands
Since 1948 the islands have had home rule, but further 27 years went by, before the first stamp was issued.
The stamps reflect both nature and history on the 18 islands, with its 1339 square kilometers of rough nature. They tell about the life on the islands and the work to create everyday life through fishing, sheep farming and agriculture. The beautiful nature has also inspired a great number of renowned artists, which one can get acquainted with on the Faroese stamps.
Politically the islands have home rule, own flag and own banknotes with the same monetary value as on the Danish kroner, but they are still part of the Danish Kingdom. The Faroese flag was launched in 1919, where it became a rather rough birth. It did not quite suite the Danes, so they maintained  that the Danish flag should continue to be the official flag of the Faroe islands. During the second World War, the Faroe islands became occupied by the Brits on 25th April 1940 and the Danish flag was banned. Merkid, as the Faroese flag is called, was thereby finally acknowledged as the official Faroese flag.
Besides the opportunity to make a complete collection, the Faroe islands is also a very affordable collection area with just a few issues per year.

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