Stamps from Finland

Population: 5.255.068 - Capital: Helsinki - Currency: Euro - 1st issue: 1856

The Country of thousand lakes
Finland is the most eastern of the Scandinavian countries. Frontiers: East with Russia, north with Norway, west with Sweden and the Bothnian Bay and south the Gulf of Finland. This location has meant that Finland during the centuries, has been a pawn between two great powers in the east and west. In the 1100s the Swedes took over and the area was under Swedish rule until 1809, where Finland became  a  Russian  great principality. This affiliation lasted until 1917 and during this period, the first stamps saw the light in 1856. Finland became an independent republic in 1919 and the current boarders dates back to 1945.
Finland is  popularly known as “the country of thousands lakes”, as viewed from above, the Finnish landscape is almost more blue than green. Here lives the Finnish aborigines , the Sami, who through generations have lived as Nomads, skiing and sledding around with their   reindeer herds.

Stamps from Finland
Both culture and history occur on the stamps, which often focus on nature, art and sport, just like Finland participate in the Europa/CEPT – and Northern/”Norden” issues. The commonalities of the issues  are presence and actuality, which often come in the form of se-tenant booklets and souvenir sheets.

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