Stamps from Greenland

Population: 57.637 - Capital: Nuuk - Currency: Danish kroner - 1st issue: 1905/1938 - The icy green island

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The icecold green island
Drifting icebergs, hunting polar bears and grazing musk ox. Midnight sun and polar nights. Sledding and challenging hiking. Greenland is the country of great nature experiences. Lush and green, but also harsh and icy – the country offers a diversity of breathtaking and amazing nature experiences. The Greenlanders enjoy these unique natural resources. They are proud of their beautiful country and more and more tourists have progressively found their way to this natural paradise.
It is also possible to make a journey throughout the country through the interesting stamp issues and thereby gain an insight into this magnificent country.

Stamps from Greenland
Tusass Greenland often base the planning of the new issues program on animal and flower themes, which makes a Greenland collection a beautiful testimony of the great nature of the country. Tusass Greenland places great emphasis to the fact that the stamps reflect the reality of Greenland while as well as important events in the culture and history of Greenland are marked by one or more stamps.
Especially the polar bear has become one of the finest characteristics for Greenland. A stylized polar bear can be found in the national coat of arms and the polar bear is also used as a theme on quite a few of the Greenland stamps. For professionals such as the Greenlanders, the polar bear has great practical and cultural importance. The sea and its rich fauna are also obvious motives on Greenland stamps together with the beautiful works of local artists. Greenland stamps really tell stories both about the nature as well as about the culture. A really interesting collection area with a limited number of editions per year.

Subscriptions - Greenland

  • No. 46 / 1
    Single, mint
  • No. 46 / 8
    Single, used
  • No. 46 / 12
    FDC with single stamp
  • No. 46 / 14
    Year packs
  • No. 46 / 22
    Leuchtturm Normal
  • No. 46 / 23
    Leuchtturm SF
  • No. 46 / 18
  • No. 46 / 87
    Year pack **
  • No. 46 / 811
    Exhibition stamps