Stamps from Iceland

Population: 308.910 - Capital: Reykjavik - Currency: Icelandic kroner - 1st issue: 1873

On volcanos
One moment you stand with your feet buried in ice and snow and the next, you are swimming around in nice warm water. Both created by nature and one of the unique things about Iceland.
The explanation must be found in the more than 200 volcanoes on the island, of which some are still active. This was especially experienced in spring 2010, where the volcano Eyjafallajökull erupted and spewed so large quantities of ash up into the atmosphere that the air traffic was disturbed by it over a long period of time. This caused flight ban and closing of airports all over Europe. But the thermal activity is also positive. Geysers and hot springs provide hot water, which amongst other things is used for hydropower. One tenth of the country is covered in ice all year round, but the climate is nevertheless very mild based on the warm Gulf stream. But it is only the low coastland, which can be cultivated and inhabited and the major part of the population in Iceland lives in the area around the capital Reykjavik. The island has been inhabited since the Viking times, where the Celts and the Norwegians invaded the island. The island is known for having the eldest precursor for a National Assembly, the “Altinget”, which dates all the way back to year 930. Thereafter Iceland became part of the Norwegian Kingdom from 1262 and thereafter a part of the Danish Kingdom together with Norway in 1380. But rebellion was brewing and the need for independency grew. Iceland became partly independent in 1918, but was still in union with Denmark until the country finally became totally independent in 1944.
On the other hand, Iceland has been through some difficult years lately. When the great international financial  crisis hit in 2008, it was as if Iceland was the epicenter for a long time, i.e. with bankruptcies and a currency, which decreased significantly in value. But the Icelanders are strong and tough people, who have started the fight to get back on their feet again a long time ago.

Stamps from Iceland
Iceland is very affordable as collection area. Only a limited number of stamps are issued each year, including a few souvenir sheets and booklets.

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