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Population: 9.074.055 - Capital: Stockholm - Currency: Swedish kroner - 1st issue: 1855

Deep quiet forests and roaring rivers
Sweden is the largest and the most populated of all the Nordic countries and one of the three Kingdoms in the North. Sweden has been a Kingdom for more than 1000 years, just like Denmark.
During the period 1389 to 1521 Sweden was reunified with Denmark and Norway and during the late Middle Ages, Sweden belonged to one of the leading great powers, which at that time also included Finland and the Baltic countries. But many subsequent wars with  abandonment of large areas, has changed this and the actual boarders of the country dates from 1814. The present Sweden includes the eastern part of the Scandinavian peninsula with borders to Skagerrak, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. The northern three-quarters are mountainous and sparsely populated in contrast to the lowland in the southern part, where the majority of the Swedish population lives. 
The great distances earlier created a need for a postal authority, which has existed in an organized way since 1636. But it was not until 1855 that the first stamp was issued.

Stamps from Sweden
Characterizing for the Swedish stamps are the many stamps on rolls. Especially the definitive stamps are issued on rolls only and not in sheets, implying that the stamps are perforated on two sides only. A lot of series are issued in combination stamp booklets with four, six or eight stamps.

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    Leuchtturm Normal
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    Exhibition stamps
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