Great Offers

Great Offers

Would you like to receive these interesting philatelic gifts? We have the pleasure of offering you a subscription to this magazine. You will then automatically receive it by post 5-6 times per year. The magazine is always full of interesting offers and special promotions for stamps, new issues, kiloware, stamp packets and accessories.

The subscription fee is 12,50 EUR / 14 USD / 11 GBP + postage per year, and it will automatically be booked on your account in December each year for the following year.

All subscribers to our magazine will receive philatelic gifts at a value higher than the subscription fee. In 2021 the gifts are:

• 6 stamps from Denmark
• 1 booklet and 2 stamps from Greenland
• 4 stamps from Finland
• 13 stamps from Gibraltar

Subscriptions - Great Offers

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