Find inspiration for your stamp collection

We often create theme pages, where we gather products with a certain theme or event. On this page we have gathered the various themes, where you can find inspiration for an intriguing collecting area.

The theme pages can contain campaign offers that are only valid for a limited time, but even though the campaign offers have expired they can still be great for inspiration. So go explore the themes and events!

Europa stamps 2018

This year’s theme for Europa-stamps is bridges and there are many great looking designs from the 56 participating countries.

The countries have chosen everything from great big bridges to the small older wooden bridges. They are really worth a closer look. See all the beautiful stamps here



Stamps in unusual shapes and with special perforations

See the selection here



Special Stamp issues

Here you will find some of the world's most special and interesting stamps. Have fun exploring this unique and intriguing univers.



Russia year sets

Here you will find a great variety of Russian year sets. We offer a lot of Russia year sets complete - with and without standing order. See them here




Here you will find beautiful issues that takes us back to various football events. See all football issues here



The King of Rock

Through time, Elvis has appeared on numerous issues and he is one of the most popular stamp themes. Make these unique stamps and coin a part of your collection.



Stamps with cartoons

Cartoons is a phenomenon loved by both children and adults. On stamps they are a fun and colorful theme - a collection of stamps that without a doubt can put a smile on your face. See the all of the fun cartoon stamps here




Cars are a popular design on stamps. Here you will find a selection of stamps designs of cars, from classics to new cars and race cars. See the beautiful car issues here