Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  1.   Which address can I send an order by mail to?
  2.   How do you send my order?
  3.   How can I pay?
  4.   Did you receive my order?
  5.   When will I receive my order?
  6.   How do I cancel my order?
  7.   Can I cange my order or add more?
  8.   How do I take out a subscription?
  9.   How can I cancel or alter my subscription?
 10.  Where do I find more details about the articles?
 11.   How do I return a product?
 12.   What is an 'auction'?

1. Which address can I send an order by mail to

Our postal address is: Nordfrim A/S, Kvindevadet 42, 5450 Otterup, Denmark. You are also welcome to send a picture or scan of your order form to

2. How do you send my order?

We ship all our products worldwide with DHL. Find delivery time and shipping rates for your country here

Please note that any required customs clearance is the customer's responsibility

3. How do I pay my order?

You can pay for your order either by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. You can choose credit card or PayPal on the check-out screen. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer please send us an email to and we will get back to you with details for the transfer.

Credit card
We accept Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard. When you place your order, Nordfrim request authorisation to charge the order amount from your bank. Once we have received approval, we reserve the amount on your card until all items are available and your order has shipped. Your card will be charged when your order has shipped. Articles listed on backorder and supplied when back in stock will be charged automatically to your credit card. In case we are unable to make this charge we will send you a message and ask you to kindly complete the payment directly on our website.

You will receive a separate payment request from us via PayPal within one business day.

Gift certificate
If you have a Nordfrim gift certificate you can pay your order with this voucher. Please enter the number on the certificate on the "check-out" page when ordering on our website.

Further information here

4. I have placed an order at Did you receive my order?

When you submit your order you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. In this e-mail you will find a summary of your order and your order number. If your order is shipped as a parcel you will receive a second email with tracking information from us once the parcel has been dispactehd.

If you do not receive an order confirmation please contact us either by phone or by mail  and we will look into the matter. Email: Phone 0045 64 82 12 56. Our office hours 08.00 am-04.30 pm. 

5. Time of delivery

We do our best to dispatch your order as soon as it has been registrered in our system. Your time of delivery depends on which country we are shipping to. You will find the delivery time to your country here

6. How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order until the parcel is dispatched from our warehouse. Please send us an e-mail or phone us (+45 64 82 12 56) Monday-Friday 08.00 AM -04.30 PM. After dispatch it is not possible for us to recall the parcel and you have to send the order back for credit/exchange.

7. Can I change my order or add more?

It is not possible to change or alter orders placed on . You have to cancel the order and place a new order. You have the right to return the goods within 14 days after receiving your order.

8. How do I take out a new subscription?

When you take out a new subscription you will regularly receive consignments with your topics. Please pay by credit card on our website. Browse subscriptions here

9. Where do I find more details about the articles?

If you need any further information about our articles on please do not hesitate to contact us either by mail or by phone during office hours Monday-Friday 08.00am-04.30pm. Tel. (+45) 64 82 12 56 - E-mail: Looking forward to hearing from you.


10. How do I return an article?

If you want to return your purchase please do so within 14 days after you have received the delivery. The articles must be returned in their original and undamaged packaging and in a saleable condition. Nordfrim does not cover the cost of returning unless the articles are faulty copies for exchange.

Please enclose a letter with your details and reason for return.

Click here for more information

Prices for Lighthouse products may vary, because there are different price lists pr. country. Please see the Lighthouse brochure for your country here

12. Which data are saved by Nordfrim?

To shop on our website you need to inform us of your name, address and e-mail.

Those data and the information on which articles you have bought will be kept for 5 years acccording to the laws. 

No information is passed on to third parties

13. What is an 'auction'?

Our auction site allows you to buy attractive items at the price you want to pay. An auction on our website is basically the same as any other auction, except for three things

  • No auction fees on any of our auctions
  • Our auctions have longer time frames
  • Full satisfaction or money back guarantee for all items in our auction

Enter your bid, when you have found an item you like in our auction.
Please note that bids are binding and shipping costs are added to the final auction price.

Automatic bids
Automatic bids are basically the same as handing in a written commission at a traditional auction. You choose the maximum amount you want to bid for the item and then the Nordfrim auction system will bid for you each time you are outbid up to the maximum amount you have selected.

With automatic bids the computer will place the bids for you. You will receive an e-mail if your maximum automatic bid is outbid. If the outbid takes place the last few minutes of an auction, you might not receive this e-mail in time. Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow an auction the last few minutes.

More than one person can set the same maximum automatic bid. Therefore you cannot be 100 % sure to win the item, even if the final price of the auction item is the same as your maximum automatic bid. The person who registered the maximum automatic bid first wins the item, which means it is important to place your maximum automatic bid as soon as possible.

In addition, if a customer places a maximum automatic bid for e.g. 100 USD for an item, he will win the auction even if a customer places a direct bid for 100 USD for the same item, because the maximum automatic bid was placed first.  The highest bid will always appear in the bid history, so you can easily keep track of whether you have the highest bid.

If you win an auction, we will send you an e-mail with detailed information. If you are outbid while an auction is still running, we will send you an e-mail so you have the opportunity to bid again. If an outbid takes place within the last few minutes of an auction, please note that you may not receive this e-mail in time. Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow an auction the last few minutes.

Nordfrim reserves the right to close an auction before time, extend an auction, cancel or retract all information about auction items. If possible, we will inform you in advance.

Why does the bid history shore more than one winner?
For some auctions, we auction more than one item at a time, which means that more than one customer can win the auction for the same item. The bid history shows how many customers have the highest bid (highlighted with a green background) and in that sense how many items are auctioned. This also means that auction winners can buy the same item at different prices, because the level of bids is determined per article. Please note that the timing of your bid is important for the price of the item. The quicker you place your bid the better the chance of you receiving the cheapest item. It is only possible place one bid pr. article no.

Note! Bids placed three minutes before the auction ends…
If you place a bid within the last three minutes before the auction closes, the auction will be extended 3 minutes. The auctions will therefore be extended with 3 minutes as long as new bids are placed.

Can I cancel my bid?
All bids placed are binding and therefore it is not possible to cancel your bid as long as the auction is active. If you would like to cancel your bid, please contact us asap and we will do our best, so the item is not sent to you. We offer a two week money back guarantee on all items in our action.

Payment and shipping
The first 24 hours after the auction has ended, it is possible to pay directly in the confirmation email we have sent you and your order will be processed immediately. If the payment is not completed within 24 hours, we will process the order in accordance to our terms and conditions and the invoice will be sent together with your auction items. The link will only be active for 24 hours

Is it possible to include more than one auction item per order?
Yes, it is possible to consolidate all your auction items in the same order and thus only pay shipping costs for one order.
It can be done in the following two ways:

  1. When you win an auction you will receive an email with a link to the payment. This link will include the items in the basket on the website, but please do not proceed to payment just yet. Instead go back and find the next email for your other auction items to include them in the basket as well. This way all auction items will be included in the basket on the website and it is also possible to add other items from the web shop. You can now proceed to payment and check out.
  2. Log on to and click on “My Pages” at the top of the website. Here you will find "My auctions" and you can add the auction items to the basket one by one and afterwards proceed to payment.

Note! The link to the payment in the confirmation e-mail is only valid for 24 hours.  If you wish to pay for your order after the 24 hours have passed, you can log in to our website. Under "My Pages" and "My Account" you can enter the total amount and deposit it to your account. If you have completed the payment in your account on the website, please disregard the invoice attached to your order.


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