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I forgot my password. How can I log in?
To have a new password sent to your email, go to our website and click “Login” at the top right, above the search bar. Then click “Forgotten Password”. Type in your email address and confirm. You have now received a new password that you can log in with.

If you do not see the email with your new password in your inbox, please check your spam folder too.

How do I change my email and/or password?
To change your email or password to something new, log in, then click “My Pages” and find the email and/or password field. Type a new email or password. If you set a new password, remember to also type the password underneath, in “Confirm password”. When done, click “Save”.

Where do I find my invoice?
You can always find your invoices under “My Web orders” in the “My Pages” menu on our website. The invoice can be downloaded as a PDF.

How do I sign up for automatic credit card charges?
Please follow the guidelines for automatic charges under Payment Methods.

How do I make a deposit to my account?
Under My Account, you can make a payment into your account. Select either credit card or PayPal, fill in the amount you wish to pay, and click “Continue to secure payment”.