Where do I find more details about your articles?
If you need any further information about our articles on please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail or phone during office hours Monday-Friday 08.00 am-04.30 pm. Tel. (+45) 64 82 12 56 - E-mail: Looking forward to hearing from you.

I have an item on backorder. When can I expect it to be delivered?
When an item is on backorder, we are either waiting for a new shipment to arrive, or we will request it from our supplier once you’ve placed an order. Therefore, delivery times for backorder items will vary. For delivery details on a specific backorder item, please contact our customer service team on chat or

How many stamps are in a kiloware?
In on-paper kiloware, you can expect 2.000 - 4.000 stamps per kg. However, we cannot guarantee a certain amount, so this is only a general estimate.

What types of stamps are in a stamp packet?
Our stamp packets are most often based on cancelled stamps. However, we do also have mint stamp packets. You can select the type of stamps in the left-side menu if you want to search for only mint or cancelled packs.

How do I wash stamps off the paper after buying kiloware?
See our guide here

Can you please explain the stamp condition terms you use?

  • Mint: Also called ”Mint never hinged” (MNH), a mint stamp has never been used or mounted, and is completely in its original state of issue. Intact gum at the back.
  • Cancelled: Can either be ”Cancelled to order” (CTO) (cancelled but not used for postage), or it has been used for postage and then washed off (also labelled “used”).
  • Unused: Can either be mint-hinged or without intact gum.

Most of our stamps are either mint or cancelled.