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LAPE - Finland 2023 - Stamp catalogue

No. LAPE2023
EUR 29 50
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Language: Finnish. A new version of Finland's most popular stamp catalogue LAPE has been published! This almost 400-page traditional catalogue includes Finland 1856-2022, Åland 1984-2022, Car Parcel Stamps, Field Stamps, East Karelia, Aunus, Karelia, North Inkeri, Posti´s yearbooks and Maxi Cards, Christmas Stamps and at the request of several collectors Estonia 1918-2022! Renewed special cataloging of Finnish classic postal stationerys 1845 - 1884. Updated listing of Finnish ship stamps. Participating for the 1st time in little Lape! Traditional cataloging of Finnish and Åland stamps. As well as a lot of other useful information. The catalogue is printed in Finland and is of high quality in a hardcover version!

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