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MICHEL - Germany 2022/2023 - Stamp catalogue

No. MICT23
EUR 79 00
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Language. German. Contains Old Germany, Northern German Confederation and German Empire, foreign post offices, colonies, foreign maritime mail, occupation issues, plebiscite areas, Belgian military mail in Rhineland, Eupen, Malmédy, Gdansk, Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, general government, Sudetenland, field post issues, local issues, Allied Occupation, GDR, Berlin (West), Saarland with OPD issues and the Federal Republic of Germany. Complete revision of prices, showing distinct price changes for Old Germany, the German Empire, occupation in World Wars I and II, Sudetenland, local issues as of 1945, SBZ - "Postmeistertrennungen" and the French Zone. Many other editorial improvements, such as the complete revision of the plant nomenclature found on German stamps, the expansion of picture captions to include fairytale motifs and detailed information about the designers and engravers of early federal German issues. All new issues up to and including June 2022. 1184 pages

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