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Classic stamps are often the anchor for well-rounded collections – and you will find a wide range to choose from here. We feature mint stamps, unused stamps, cancelled stamps, FDC's, souvenir sheets and much more.

Use the filtering in the left menu to choose your preferred area of collecting. We have a strong selection of classic sets and stamps from countries like France, The Netherlands, German Empire, German Democratic Republic, West Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Norway etc.

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The first stamp in the world

The first stamp in the world called “One Penny Black” was released in the UK in 1840. The inventor was Sir Rowland Hill, who was an English teacher, inventor and social reformer.
It was his comprehensive postal reform, the concept of unity postage and prepayment of postage that enabled safe, fast and cheap distribution of letters. Hill is considered the originator of the basic concept of modern postal administrations and the invention of the stamp.

In subsequent years, a large number of countries began to issue stamps as a payment method for distribution of letters and packages. Some examples 1849: Belgium, France, 1850: Switzerland, Spain and Austria, 1851: Denmark, 1852: Holland, 1853: Portugal, 1855: Norway and Sweden, 1856: Finland, 1860: Poland, 1873: Iceland, 1879: Bulgaria, 1885: Monaco.