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We collaborate with many postal administrations around the world, so we can always offer you the newest issues. Here, you'll find the new issues we keep in stock. If you do not find what you are looking for we might be able to get it for you! Just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

With a new issues standing order from a chosen country or thematic, you are guaranteed a complete collection – even on those difficult to obtain issues. Browse through our subscriptions here.

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Newest issues

The interesting world of stamps

The world of stamps is expanding. Collecting stamps is very special. Each stamp tells a story and each year new collecting areas appear. Stamp thematics are wide-ranging and reflect historical, contemporary and cultural themes - showing both surprising and familiar aspects. There are countless ways to collect. Some collect stamps from all over the world, but every year 10,000 new stamps are issued and therefore most people have more than one collecting area e.g. a particular country, geographical area or subject.

Celebrities and other interesting materials

Many celebrities have been portrayed on stamps. Elvis Presley has been portrayed on stamps from around the world e.g. from Antigua to Tanzania. Also a lot of Hollywood celebrities and other well-known personalities can be purchased on stamps among others Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Ian Flemming, Nelson Mandela, Thor Heyerdahl, Eusebio Sempre, Charlie Chaplin, Richard Strauss, Charlton Heston, Caroline Aigle, Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Buy the stamps online here.

Stamp issues feature many exciting and special details; a souvenir sheet that can play music, stamps made as puzzles, stamps with fragrance, stamps that glow in the dark, stamps with gold and silver printing, stamps with Swarovski crystals. Even a stamp made of porcelain.