Choose between more than 90 different thematics

Welcome to the world of thematics where only your imagination sets the limits

Collecting thematics is something special. Whether your interest is football or prehistoric animals, Princess Diana or Walt Disney, movies or lighthouses, you are able to collect stamps with that exact subject.

Why not build a magnificent flowerbed with beautiful, colourful flowers from around the world or live out a passionate interest in sailing ships, space shuttles or other forms of transportation.

Virtually all interests can be collected on stamps. If you are a cat or dog lover, and you do not have the opportunity to have as many of the wonderful animals in your home, then you can pick and choose between the many different kinds that are to be found on stamps.  You will find the most amazing and charming stamps with cats, dogs and many other animals whether they are wild or domesticated, livestock or pets.

This is just to mention a very few of the many opportunities that are to be found in the world of thematics. You can choose between thematics issued in the European countries and Overseas or subscribe to both categories.