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Various countries - Wonderbox

No. 50467
EUR 74 00
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Each wonderbox contains a big variety of many different collectibles. You will find thousands of mint and cancelled stamps from several countries, e.g. Finland, Greenland, Denmark, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cuba etc. The catalogue value for the mint stamps is considerable. Moreover the content includes a small bag of 60 g worldwide kiloware, bags with thematic stamps e.g. football for the new collector, there are aerograms, first day covers e.g. from the Netherlands, commemorative covers, match box labels, a stockbook of A5 format, stock sheets and pockets, a Hungarian stamp catalogue in colours, a stamp drying book, ATM pages and covers from Brazil. An interesting box which gives you many hours of sorting. The lot includes duplicates of some issues and thematics. The gross weight is approx. 4 kg

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