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Austria - Wonderbox C

No. 44293
EUR 599 00
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We continuously expand our selection of wonderboxes: this box of a country or small area, contains one or more collections in a nice album, but also First Day covers (FDC's), covers, kiloware, special emissions on cards and one or more stockbooks with mayrds and one or more stockbooks with maybe some duplicate stamps: please look at thescans to get an idea. Of course every box is different, so the picture is not the exact box as we will ship, but it will be equal of content and value. To help you choose between the wonderbox and the country collection please keep in mind that the wonderbox contains more volume and more differentsorts of material (stamps, covers, kiloware) where the collection holds one or more collections in a nice album or stockbooks, and catalogue value is here the most important issue, you will find no FDC's or kiloware. With a country collection you can also choose more specific the country or areas of your liking. The country collections can be seen in the menu to the left in the category *Collections*

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