Stamps from Norway

Population: 4.676.305 - Capital: Oslo - Currency: Norwegian kroner - 1st issue: 1855

Beautiful fjords and coasts
As collection area, Norway is something very special, especially thanks to the rich postal history of the country. Norway is amongst other things behind the oldest definitive series in the world, the post horn series, which has been in use since 1873, while the first Norwegian stamp was issued in 1855. But already at that time, Norway had already had a well functioning Post for several hundred years, exactly from 1647.   For such a large country with so different geographic conditions, the communication was and is still very important. Back in 1647 it happened by foot. Today the fast communication happens through the internet, but it does have limitations after all. The internet cannot handle everything. Letters and parcels remain postal service domain.
Norway is the country of fjords and costal nature. Here magnificence and beauty can be experienced. Here you find a lot of variations from winding mountain streams and wide gushing rivers to deep silent fjords and large lakes.  From the harsh northern part, where you can experience the midnight sun during the summer period, to the lowlands in the south with the mild climate, thanks to the Gulf stream. Everywhere nature is something very special. Especially during spring time and summer, where an abundance of lush mountain flowers are swarming in all colors of the rainbow. A bloom, which often inspires to beautiful stamp  issues. Norway is a Kingdom,  just like Denmark and Sweden and has existed since approx. year 900. During Viking times and the Middle Ages Norway was partly independent and partly in various unions with Sweden and/or Denmark, but has been a completely independent Kingdom since 1905. Norway issues approx.. 25 to 30 stamps per year, so it is certainly an affordable collection area.

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